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We offer the service of seabed oxygenation as a sustainable option to assist the natural process of nutrient degradation.

We use the nanobubble technology, with a proprietary high depth injection system reaching down to 150 meters, allowing us to inject oxygen with high efficiency and no sediment re-suspension or up-welling.

We assist our clients from project start with the processing of the environmental permits that are needed for this operation.

We offer a punctual service for the remediation of anaerobic seabed, as well as a permanent system that allows for permanent aerobic conditions in the benthic layer during the whole production cycle.


The service is aimed at remediating the seabed where there are anaerobic conditions. We assist the envirnomet, through the injection of oxygen nanobubbles, to restablish its natural aerobic conditions.

The service starts with the assistance in obtaining all the necessary environmental permits, to then provide a turn-key service. we have positive experience remediating the seabed under different categories of salmon netpen sites.

Ilustración: Estudio DAF

Servicio Puntual

The permanent oxygenation of the seabed is our long term vision to generate real change on the way salmon farmers actively manage their environmental impact. The objective is to provide the environment, through the whole production cycle, with the necessary oxygen to degrade and minimize the impact of the sediment which results from production activities. This way we can ensure aerobic conditions of the seabed throughout the production cycle, both reducing the environmental impact and productive uncertainties.

The service starts with the design of the diffusion system tailored to the specific site. For this purpose, we work in conjunction with MSET whom, with their extensive knowledge and experience in computational simulation, validate the diffusion system to the specific site geography and production plans. Once the design is accepted, we assist in obtaining the necessary environmental permits, and then offer a lease agreement for the whole system, which includes frequent monitoring of seabed conditions.

Imagen: MSET

Imagen: MSET

Servicio Permanente
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